Keep with the times and master the talent needs of enterprises!

IMC developed unique professions, mastered changes in the talent market, and paid attention to the career development of talents. Regardless of student part-time work, temporary staffing, permanent employment, outplacement, or executive search, different professional recruitment teams recommend the most suitable talents for enterprises to assist in their growth.

IMC's recruitment advantages:

1. Wealth of experience and excellent brand image

Having upheld the principle of integrity nearly 30 years, accumulated a wealth of experience developing different areas of expertise, and matched clients with the most suitable talents by considering perspective from both sides, enterprises have bestowed their trust and built long-term, mutually trusting collaborative relationships.

2. Cross-generation team collaboration and specialization

Consisting of stable and seasoned consultants together with vivacious young team members, focusing on common objectives, to provide specialized services according to different needs of enteprises, with dedicated single-point window contact offering professional consultation.

3. Accumulated valuable talent database

IMC's in-house talents database management system track development in diverse market categorization, extend to specialized skills and industries, and through appropriate sorting provides precise search of suitable talents.

4. Research and develop integrated recruitment system

In conjunction with online recruitment platforms and combining comprehensive systems such as talent selection assessment, project management, and client management, integrate various recruitment needs and cross-region clients and talents information, constantly improving the speed of service.

5. Cross-regional service and international cooperation

Operating in 8 locations in Taiwan and China to understand local culture and individual talents qualities, with locations co-working and supporting each another to satisfy enterprises' needs locally, and international teams cooperating cross countries to find international talents for enterprises as well as proivde more overseas opportunities for individual talents.

6. Attentive customer-first service

Insistent on legality and compliance, striving for full bilateral communication with enterprises, being meticulous, patient, and diligent in individual talents screening, and uncovering experience not seen on resumes to provide nominations to clients with professional consultation service.

7. From the perspective of understanding the different stages of individual talents' development

Dedicated teams match the most qualified indivdiual talents to enterprises by paying attention to each stage of their career development, analyzing job compatibility, and getting close to understand their perspective.

Executive Search

Expert consultants in different fields such as technology, electronic communications, semiconductor, chemical engineering, bio-pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and services, provide enterprises with senior executives, professional technical talents, and management talents with multinational and overseas experiences.

Originated in executive search, consultants are rich in industry / vocational experience and knowledge, and are able to discern individual talents' experiences and personal traits not shown in resumes for enterprises to discover elites. Business clientele cover Global 500 companies and SMEs in Taiwan, with successful professional experiences that have earned clients' trust.


Permanent Placement

Recruit permanent employees for enterprises in areas such as promotion and sales, customer service, store staff, personnel and administration, operators, Japanese linguists, marketing, accounting, artwork editing, IT engineers, and assistants. Different specialized recruitment teams conduct candidate search according to the professional requirements of enterprises.

Recruitment teams regularly undergo education and training to stay current with the latest industry and occupational knowledge. Single-point or multi-window contact approaches depending on clients' needs. Provide enterprises with the most professional selection, recommendation, or consultation service whether requirement is for ad-hoc, on-going, or even one-off large-scale recruitment.


Temporary staffing

Flexible human resources allocation, assigning the most qualified talents to enterprises, so enterprises can focus on core businesses

Flexible application of human resources reducing enterprises' personnel-related administrative tasks, adjusting manpower demand, minimizing risk of incorrect hire, and improving qualified rate.

Flexible use of human resources can be categorized into:

1. Long-term contract staff: enterprises can hire long-term contract staff for steady large volume operational activities, long-term projects, and non-core work

2. Temporary staff: enterprises can hire temporary staff to provide flexible support for temporary manpower demands, such as temporary deputy, etc.

Insistent on “legal, trustworthy, and integrity”

Steadfast in upholding legality and integrity, affirming the rights and responsibilities of IMC, enterprises, and employees, not operating in legal grey areas, achieving win-win-win to protect the rights and interests of all three parties.

Personalized staff information platform

Personalized area specially created for temporary staff, where they are able to: check work, leave, and remuneration records; download payroll and withholding tax certificate; upload attendance records; add / remove family members on company's insurance scheme; obtain the latest information, benefits, Q&A, insurance, regulations, and exclusive members information; and have customized one-on-one online consultation with dedicated staff.

Value-added service

Regular vocational training courses, free career coaching, job vacancy information, and social activities so staff has a channel to learn about the latest knowledge and learning opportunities in the workplace.



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