Outsourcing Service

Outsourcing service allows enterprises' personnel to focus on core tasks!

Outsourcing service have long become very common in Taiwan and abroad. Professional service team integrates enterprises' internal resources assisting clients to achieve the objective of budget control with efficiency improvement, enhancing enterprises' adaptability, versatility, and timeliness.

IMC is among top tier HR solution providers, and the largest local HR solution provider in Taiwan. We have been enterprises’ trusted HR solution partner for over 30 years, and our outsourcing services are known for customized down to every little details.

Payroll Service

Outsourcing employee payroll enables enterprises to take advantage of professional and cost-effective service, accomplishing the objective of HR streamlining, cost-saving, increasing operational quality, and conforming to internal audit and control.

Applicable to enterprises that focus on core strategies, stress payroll confidentiality, emphasize internal audit & control, HR streamlining or are unfamiliar with labor management related laws.

IMC focuses on training and maintaining our payroll team with highly satisfied service level rate, along with dedicated IT team, IMC has been able to meet each client’s unique demands, and develop long term partnership with our clients, mainly multinational enterprises.


1. Recurring (monthly) payroll

2. Non-recurring bonus distribution

3. Insurance claims assistance and advice

4. Annual withholding tax statement filing

5. Other personnel administrative affairs

6. Employee online checking system

Advantages of our services :

Assist clients to establish SOP ensuring smooth payroll operations

Provide customized systems and services accurately completing a variety of tasks entrusted by clients

Secure employee information management saving costs for clients

Integrate HR, accounts (taxation), and legal affairs for clients

ISO 27001 certificate - Information Security Management System

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Project Outsourcing

Outsource additional manpower or seasonal manpower requirements for specific events or projects

IMC has collaborated with major enterprises and prominent brands from different industries such as technology, home appliances, consumables, consumer electronics, and cosmetics. Using part-time staff or students to enter department stores, shops, event and exhibit venues, convenience stores, wholesalers, consumer electronics chain stores, and factories, to assist clients manage and execute promotional or project tasks.

Services :

  • Manpower for seasonal promotions
  • Manpower for exhibitions
  • Manpower for superstores and chain stores
  • Short-term manpower
  • Mystery shopper service

Advantages of our services :

  • Quick understanding of needs: in-depth understanding of clients' needs, providing necessary manpower at extremely short notice catering to urgent demands of clients
  • Exclusive service planning: through professional experience, design bespoke service plans for clients
  • Total project management: provide integrated services including HR planning, recruitment, interview, education and training, attendance management, and report compilation
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