Interim Management

Re-deploying senior talents - An innovative HR solution!

When enterprises need to improve operating processes, upgrade systems, or are confronted with crisis management, sudden departures, long absences, employee sickness or death, succession planning, public listing, company merger, project management, or similar situations, professional talents with practical experience who can quickly understand and carry out the required tasks are urgently needed on-board. Under such circumstances short-term placement of seasoned professionals from Interim Management service is the ideal solution for enterprises.

Interim Management is the deployment of a manager with experience and practical operations to tackle short-term projects that can only be successfully completed by senior professionals, assisting enterprises to solve problems, and navigating through crises, transformations, or transitions.

Circumstances suitable for using Interim Management service:

  1. Improving enterprise's accounting, personnel, and marketing processes
  2. Effecting desired change and innovation in enterprise, but executives are too busy fire-fighting and unable to set aside time for reform
  3. Requiring professional experience, technology, or knowledge, but cannot be satisfied internally or by the market
  4. Temporary stop-gap when individual talent lack experience to take on important position

Characteristics of Interim Management:

  1. Interim Management tend to be abundantly qualified
  2. Cover temporary, short-term work, so minimizing impact on employee morale, with no effect on promotional opportunities for existing staff, reducing organizational resistance
  3. Not restricted by the company's culture or politics, so able to offer objective advice
  4. Able to familiarize with the situation quickly and effectively, targeting specific issue, complete the required mission, making them versatile human resources with the highest return on investment

IMC inconjunction with affiliated company 5070 Consulting Co., Ltd. jointly provide Interim Management service. 5070 Consulting Co., Ltd. as an organization is specifically for creating stages for talented retirees, providing a level platform for 50-70 year old retirees to share and exchange information and opportunities. Professionals from different fields are gathered to build a talent pool whose main force comprise of middle and senior management retirees, with the hope these retired talents realize their passions and pass on their professional experiences to assist enterprises through phases such as handling crises, transformation, nurturing successors, and project completion. Other services include corporate training, consulting services, certification guidance, pre-retirement planning courses, etc., assisting enterprises maintain sustainable operations and growth.

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